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Smart air quality measurement – anytime, anywhere

Regardless of your need, Think Air has a solution for you.  Accurate, easy to deploy and cutting-edge, Think Air’s air quality monitors integrate with Think Air’s UK comprehensive background air quality network.

Data from your Think Air monitor is streamed live to your online dashboard to provide easy-to-understand, real-time local air quality information for your location.

According to your needs, you can opt for solutions ranging from simple air quality index reports, through to comprehensive visualisations of air quality patterns and predictive modelling.

Our live visual analytics dashboard is also mobile friendly, which means you can seamlessly check your location’s air quality anytime, anywhere.

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Think Air Pollution Reduction

 Reliable Real-time data for more sustainable outcomes

Air pollution is one of the most serious environmental problems affecting our health and wellbeing today.

Whatever we do and wherever we live, we can all be exposed to dangerous levels of local air pollution – whether it be directly from our business’ operations, our daily commute, our lifestyle choices, or the accident of where we live.

And then there’s Covid.

Indoor ventilation has never been more important to maintaining a healthy environment. Think Air helps you monitor and manage indoor air quality to help you create healthy office and commercial environments that we come employees safely back to the workplace.

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(Think Air School Kit)

An Immersive and interactive educational experience for kids

TASK is the UK’s first air quality activity kit designed just for kids.

With a focus on learning by doing, TASK’s interactive experiences raise awareness of air pollution in a way that’s easy to understand, measure, and report. 

TASK also brings groups and classrooms to life after months of virtual learning – building transferrable STEM skills while focusing on a topic that directly affects our new generation.

Pioneered by UK air quality expert, Professor Paul Lewis, TASK’s online learning resources cover all key areas of the curriculum in England and Wales, including the 2021 changes. 

Covering all key areas of the National and Welsh curriculums, TASK is easy to use and simple to teach.