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Think Air is the largest non-government urban and rural background particulate monitoring network in the UK.

With more than 100 locations gathering live data on internal, external, and rural air quality, Think Air is helping organisations and individuals to understand air pollution and promote positive behavioural change.

Think Air Technology

Affordable, accurate air quality measuring – anytime, anywhere

Think Air is a low-cost, compact, modular air quality monitor that integrates with the cloud-based Think Air sensor network.

Data from a Think Air monitor is streamed live to an online dashboard to give you up-to-date local air quality information for your location.

You can opt for easy-to-understand air quality index report, or a more comprehensive visualising of time series data patterns.

The dashboard is also mobile friendly, which means you can seamlessly check your location’s air quality anytime, anywhere.  

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Think Air Pollution Reduction

Real-time data for more sustainable outcomes

Clean air isn’t a topic that often makes news headlines – but air pollution is one of the most serious environmental problems affecting our health and wellbeing today.

Employees, stakeholders, and the wider public are exposed to dangerous levels of local air pollution – whether it be directly from your business’ operations, the daily commute, or general lifestyle choices.

We work with forward-thinking organisations like yours to make air quality monitoring part of their CSR – to boost reputations, morale, outcomes, and the environment.

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Why Think Air Matters

Changing behaviour – for good

Indoor and outdoor air pollution is responsible for 6·5 million deaths worldwide per year.

In the UK alone, Public Health England estimates that human-made air pollution causes up to 36,000 deaths per year –and could cost the NHS and social care as much as £5.6 billion by 2025.

Air pollutants are linked to a range of health problems – from respiratory and cardiovascular health to type- 2 diabetes, fertility, dementia, and depression.

Despite the alarming health statistics, there has been a lack of local monitoring and awareness of the– until now.

Governments and councils can only change policies, and organisations and individuals can only make changes, if they have access to accurate, live air quality data.

And that’s exactly what Think Air is delivering.