About Think Air

Part of the Vindico Group, Think Air is the UK’s leading air quality technology company.

Our mission is to bring you simple, smart solutions for safe, healthy environments – especially as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Air quality has never been so important, and we operate the largest private background air quality monitoring and modelling network in the UK.

Gathering country-wide live data on internal, external, and agricultural air quality, Think Air helps companies, governments, and individuals understand, monitor, and minimise air pollution through new strategies.

Funded solely by Vindico and its partners, Think Air’s live network gives us a better understanding of background air pollution – and where it comes from.

Our cutting-edge sensors have been tailored for schools, internal, and external monitoring.

Our R&D team – let by Swansea Professor Emeritus, Paul Lewis, is also piloting agricultural sensors, which will lead the way for more regenerative agriculture.

Agriculture, Internal CO2 Monitoring and in 2021 launched our Think Air Schools Kit (TASK).

Out team at Think Air have the experience and expertise to not just deliver the sensory solution, but to provide a full end-to-end consultancy package from selection through to delivery and even on to statistical analysis, white paper creation and the measuring of behavioural change.

We are also committed to spreading awareness and understanding of the air that we breathe and are committed to both research in the field as well as providing the most reliable, forward-thinking advice to governments and policy makers.