TASK – Think Air School Kit – 5 pack

The Think Air Schools Kit (TASK) delivers the awareness and understanding to help face the environmental challenges of today, and tomorrow. Key Features include:

  • TASK 1.0 aimed at Key Stage 2 (8-10 Year olds)
  • All STEM Skills utilised
  • 6 Hours of resources to suit all facets of the 2021 curriculum
  • Practical and theoretical experiments
  • Become part of the largest Air Quality Awareness Network in the UK

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Why schools need to Think Air

Child and teacher wellness is a key area of focus for schools across the UK – and the air around us plays a huge role.

Chronic exposure to high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) indoors can have a wide range of health effects. It can also contribute to behavioural changes, physical and mental performance, and reduced school attendance.

Children brought to school by car or bus are exposed to higher levels of air pollution than those who walk, and children with asthma are particularly vulnerable.

But monitoring – and improving – air quality helps schools to minimise both children and teachers’ exposure to harmful air pollutants.

And getting pupils involved is even better.