Think Air Internal Sensor


In the UK, Companies have a legal obligation to ensure that workplaces have efficient ventilation and availability of fresh or purified air for their workforce.

Think Air Internal Monitors are low cost IOT sensors that need no professional assistance to install, making them perfect for all areas for staff, visitors or tenants including:

  • Offices
  • Gyms
  • Care Homes
  • Restaurants & Pubs
  • Call Centres
  • Shopping Centres

The Think Air Internal Monitor measures CO2 (ppm) , Light (Lux), Temperature (°C) and Humidity (Rh).



What’s in the Kit?

The Think Air Internal Monitor is an IOT Sensor that uses LoRaWAN (low bandwidth, long range) to communicate through a local Gateway, which is included to the Think Air cloud platform.

This system is completely independent from your local IT systems and only the Gateway requires power. In fact it looks just like a big plug!

No security issues, just plug it in and go!

The Think Air Internal Monitors do not require local power. These amazing little devices have a battery that will last up to 2 years!

Just place on a desk, or stick to a wall in the area you wish to measure and that’s it. The data will be sent out via the gateway and you can access it via the online Think Air Portal.

Each Gateway supports 100’s of sensors so your monitoring can grow along with your business with a single Gateway covering an average size 3 story business with 20+ offices.